Wool Heaven In John Lewis, Oxford Street, London

The little knitted seating area

Cant do without giant knitting needles

Button mushrooms

Fabric swatches used for the underside of the mushrooms

Bobbly knitted chair covers, perfect for my sewing room

Just a small part of wool heaven

My new wool , a good mix of Rowan Tweed, fine Tweed and Felting Tweed!

I know I go on a little about my addiction to wool but today I found a little piece of wool heaven in London. I had planned on getting some shimmery fabric and net for a Polly Ballerina order but instead I found myself ogling at all the bright and luscious wools and the little seating areas where knitting and sewing were the very obvious theme.

After spending rather a lot of time staring at the ribbons and buttons, I started on my usual process of choosing the wool, never being a good decision maker, I tend to choose about ten balls then start whittling the amount down until to the amount my pocket-money will cover!

My tiny Union Jack Buttons

I have to just mention not only were the sales assistances very helpful and friendly, I didn’t get the usual look of  ‘this ones a bit strange’  that I usually tend to get when I mention that I make little papier mache people wrapped in wool!


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