Mollie And The Tweedy Bird

Mollie and her Tweedy Bird which I think is a chicken!

This is Mollie and her bird ‘Tweedy’,  Mollie has been kneeling on my desk now for a couple of weeks and I have been dying to finish her but the need to papier-mache a new collection of Pollies was preventing this. Mollie was originally going to have a camera, so on Saturday I spent an hour and a half making a mini 2cm x 3cm wool camera and strap, I then decided I liked Mollie just as she is with Tweedy ( this is very typical of me!) my mind is now buzzing with ideas for the camera.  Tweedy Bird is made from a felted wool jumper that I cut into two bird shapes, sewed together, stuffed and then over stitched with loose loops of tweed wool building up the colours, he was very thin to start with, some of the stitches I later cut to make Tweedy Bird look fluffy. Mollie is 17cm high in her kneeling position and Tweedy is 5.5cm  at the tip of his tail feathers.

I apologise for the quality of the pictures, I lost my camera at work on Friday and until I search the flowerbeds for it, im using a reserve!


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