Mollie Makes ‘Christmas’ Book To Win!

The fab new ‘Christmas’ book to give away!

 Today is the official publishing day of the new and fab, Mollie Makes ‘Christmas’ book. To celebrate,

the  publishers Collins and Brown  have given me one book to give away. Yippee!

The book is available from all good bookshops, Amazon and

To enter, you need to do two things. First sign up for their  Love Crafts newsletter . The newsletters are sent six to eight times a year and are usually crammed full of crafty ideas and offers Secondly, leave a comment on this blog mentioning you have signed up and what Polly character you might like to see in the future  e.g A gardener.

I shall put all the names in my knitting bag and pull one lucky winner out on Sunday 7th October at 8.00pm

 Best of luck

Kate x


18 thoughts on “Mollie Makes ‘Christmas’ Book To Win!

  1. Danijela says:

    This is amazing giveaway,so generous of you.Try to search all of your lovely handmade creations so I will not repeat something you already done but my computer is very slow today.I would love to see Polly with some woodland theme,as fairy and Rapunzel,those two are my daughter favorite.Thanks for the chance to win this book.

    • jamjarbizarre says:

      Hi Danijela, Thankyou for your lovely comments. I love all the suggestions I am getting for Pollies and have already made up a papier mache Knotty Knitting Nora as has been suggested. I love the Rapunzel idea and have added it to my suggestions board. I know this might seem annoying but could you write a replying saying you have signed up to the Love Crafts link then I can enter you for the book. All the very best
      Kate x

    • jamjarbizarre says:

      Hi Heidi, Thankyou for entering. I love the hairdresser and especially with rollers, or someone have their rollers done! I really enjoying the suggestions. Best of luck with the book x

  2. Irma Westerdijk says:

    Hi Kate, have signed up. Love your work, all of them! The idea of a gardener I like very much, maybe a messy one, tangled in bind weed, with some tools, etc. Hope to see you soon! Do you have time to pop around my studio one day?

    • jamjarbizarre says:

      Hi Irma, forever known as ‘ the speedy knitter’ . Your gardener is me, especially tangled in bind weed and probably with ground elder growing around my wellie! I would love to pop around to see your work, lets make it soon.. . See you at Make .. Good Luck with the book x

  3. Kate Louise Sinclair says:

    Have signed up to, thanks as didn’t know that they did something like that!!!! I have to say I love knitters too but how about a knotted knitter??? Possibly you know someone getting in problems with wool all over them and tangled etc??? Thanks for this Kate know I won’t win but hey good to try!!!!
    Hope you are OK???? Hugs xx

    • jamjarbizarre says:

      Hello Kate,
      Knotted Knitter, how about Nora Knotted Knitter!! Im so enjoying reading all the suggestions. Dont say you wont win, you have the same chance as everyone else, Im writing the names down as I read the comments. Hope you are okay? xx

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