This is ‘Tracy’ an ‘It’s Me!’ Polly

This is Tracy with her daughter Annie

This is Tracy  and her daughter Annie. A few weeks ago Tracy contacted  me with the request to make a Polly that would look like her.  I didn’t have a photograph, but after many e-mails I knew Tracy loved

Finished Tracy with her curly brown hair, knitted jumper and scarf ready for a day out

black, brown, some animal printed fabrics and loved shopping with her big brown bag . Most importantly though, was that Tracy has wonderfully crazy, brown  curly hair.  As the ‘making process’  progressed I kept Tracy posted with photographs of ‘work in progress’. I found some gorgeous Rowan Mohair/Angora wool to knit a chunky jumper and some brown wool felt to make the bag. I love the fact that Tracy Polly has a funky look about her and is by far my ‘coolest’ Polly, or so I have been told!

When Tracy Polly was finished, the real Tracy sent some  special pictures of her and her family .

She has kindly let me use the one above that shows her as a proud mum  with her daughter Annie.

Tracy trying to decide which fabric for the under-top

Tracy-before glasses,handbag and scarf


3 thoughts on “This is ‘Tracy’ an ‘It’s Me!’ Polly

    • jamjarbizarre says:

      Thankyou Gill, Looking forward to Thursday, Im fighting a sore throat so at least you wont have to put up with my usual natter, natter! x

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