Christmas ‘Carol’

Christmas ‘Carol’ with her large stocking of presents

 Another Christmas Polly, this time a customer order and named after the lady herself!  Christmas ‘ Carol’ ( as with all my Pollies)  is made from wire and papier -mache. She is dressed in a bright red hand knitted Tweed jumper with this seasons look of patches on the elbows. She has aubergine Tweed wool wrapped trousers and a bright purple Tweed wool wrapped under top. She has a hand knitted scarf with pom-poms and a robin hair clip. Her Christmas stocking is made from one of my favourite fabrics, from the very special ‘Tinsmiths’ of Ledbury’

Well, Carol has already gone off to her new home, so I have my knitting needles at the ready and am currently dressing some smaller Christmas Pollies, these will be shorter than Carol (she is 35cm) and  with smaller heads, after that I shall start dressing’ Knotty Knitting Nora’ as suggested by Kate in the Mollie Makes ‘Christmas’ book competition.

Following this seasons look, Carol has patches on the elbows of her jumper !

A robin hair clip and a pom-pom scarf, a Christmas must!

A candy cane and shimmery parcel

Christmas ‘Carol’ looking quite serious , I think its the surprise of having a robin in her hair!


2 thoughts on “Christmas ‘Carol’

    • jamjarbizarre says:

      Thankyou, I love the patches this year, they are every where! My favourite jumper has holes in the elbows, now I can sew patches on it and look trendy for once!! xx

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