Heidi and Tom, Chrissy Morning, Jayne and Acorn, Knitting Nora and Little Lisa!

I have got very behind in listing my Pollies and need to get them written before the end of the year, so instead of writing five separate posts , I am listing all five lovely ladies and a dog called Tom, together.

I made Heidi and Tom and Chrissy Morning back in November for Pretty Scruffy in Chichester, to top up the shop before Christmas. As I write Heidi and Tom have been sold and Chrissy Morning is still waiting patiently to join a Christmas home.

Knitting Nora has gone to my dear friend Vicky in Wales. Not that she knows Nora is on her way, unless she reads this!

Finally, Jayne and Little Lisa have been made for two amazingly creative people who I have met through Facebook this year. Jayne from the fabulous  Jaynes Love Doves ( as mentioned in previous posts) and Lisa from Little Pea Creations, hence the pea brooch on her Tweed bag!

All the Pollies were made  with wire frames, papier-mache, plenty of Tweed wool and fabric or knitted Tweed wool accessories. Click on any photograph to get more details about the Polly.


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