Gertrude The Gardener And Her Daff

Gertrude and her Daff 022

Gertrude’s Daff stands proud!

Gertrude and her Daff 031

A potted daffodil, made with felt and all hand sewn

Gertrude and her Daff 024

Looking at the camera!

Gertrude and her Daff 039

A side profile, showing off her Daffodil and mittens

This is gardener Gertrude and her ‘little piece of Spring’, her Daffodil.  Gertrude is wrapped up and keeping super warm in her  thick hand- knitted Tweed jumper, she has navy wool wrapped Tweed trousers and a pair green wool wrapped wellies. Of course with all this weather, no gardener can be without a hat and mitts, so Gertrude has an extra warm hand-knitted Tweed hat with pom-pom and a pair of felt mittens.   The Daffodil I have hand sewn from wool felt Gertrude and her Daff 046, I have so enjoyed making this, that I have decided to start a little range of flowers and veg in pots, hopefully coming soon!

Gertrudes height from her wellie to her pom-pom on her hat is 30cm.  Her Daffodil is 14cm in its pot.


One thought on “Gertrude The Gardener And Her Daff

  1. Lowenna says:

    Hi, i really love gertrude and would love to be able to buy her. I seen her a while ago and didn’t realise it was a one off! Would you be able to make another or have you anything else with daffodils as we are having a daffodil themed wedding. Please let me know! Many thanks, Lowenna.

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