Henrietta And Her Hungry Hen

Henrietta loves her hungry ‘Hen’. She is slightly surprised  how large ‘Hen ‘ has got recently but put its down to her having winter wool feathers! Henrietta, like all my Pollies is made from wire and papier-mache. She is wearing a rather chunky hand knitted Tweed  cardigan with pink buttons. Under her cardi  she has a fawn Tweed wool wrapped top and denim blue wool wrapped trousers. Her hair is a mass of golden Aran Tweed wool, held back from her face with a blue clip.

Henrietta and Hen 034

Showing off their best profile photo!

‘Hen’ is made from felt that I  over stitched many, many times with Tweed felting wool, to give her  thick woolly feathers. Her wattles and comb are made of wool felt and her legs are made from wire and wool.

Just in case ‘Hen’ gets hungry again she has a  felt bag full of corn!

Henrietta and Hen 035

A little close up

Henrietta is 28cm tall from her red wellie to the top of her golden wool hair. Hen is 8cm tall from her feet to her mid back and 12cm from her feet to her tail wool feathers.

Henrietta and Hen 014

Henrietta , Hen and a bag of corn

Henrietta and Hen 093

Hen and her favorite food!


2 thoughts on “Henrietta And Her Hungry Hen

  1. jamjarbizarre says:

    Thankyou Andrea,Im so glad they make you smile, your amazing needle felted dogs at Mutts & Wool are amazing, so clever, needle -felting is really difficult and was very painful on my fingers when I tried it! xx

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