Andrea and Molly

This is Andrea and her very sweet Irish Terrier called Molly. Andrea Polly was ordered by super, needle- felting, dog creating artist Andrea from Mutts & Wool

Andrea and Molly 004

Andrea and Molly

Andrea requested her Polly to have a Tweed jacket or waistcoat, hat and scarf and Molly the dog. So here she is ready to walk the chilly hills.   Both Andrea and Molly are made from wire and papier-mache and dressed using plenty of Tweed and Tweed wool. I do feel now I might send Andrea a little something to put in her  doggy bag,  a bone or a ball for Molly? x


A little close up shot of Andrea s face and her jacket with buttons

Andrea and Molly 015

A little doggy bag, for all your doggy bits

Andrea and Molly 012

In her warm Tweed and wool outfit

Andrea 011

A back view of Andrea

Fluffy Sean 007

This is  Sean my very special needle felted dog, handmade by Andrea. I love him! xx

sunset and andrea sitting 012

In the end Andrea felt Andrea Polly might not fit on her shelf, so Andrea Polly became a sitting lady resting and looking out over the beautiful view


One thought on “Andrea and Molly

  1. Andrea Howarth says:

    Thank you so much Kate for creating a “Polly” of (Andrea & Molly)
    They are brilliant, the detail is just astonishing
    The thought love and work you put into these fabulous
    creations does shine through !

    Mine will be treasured xxxx

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