Send Us A Postcard Peggy!

Peggy Goes on Hols 011

Feeling rather pale and un-interesting Peggy decided to go on holiday!

Peggy has had enough of being pale and un-interesting and has decided to go on holiday.  Peggy finds the best way to get into the holiday  mood is to wear her red, big rimmed sunglasses, floral Liberty skirt and her  best pink and green sandals.

Just incase the weather turns cold she is wearing a short-sleeved Tweed jumper.

Peggy s  luggage is her favourite green, fabric suitcase with sewn on luggage labels from her many travels. In her other hand she  carries a red Irish Tweed handbag.

Peggy as with all my Pollies, is made from wire and papier-mache, Peggy stands at 34cm tall from her pink  hair band to the bottom of her felt shoes.

Peggy is a commission Polly and will soon be flying off to her new home.

Peggy Goes on Hols 004

Ample protection from the sun

Peggy Goes on Hols 006

Pretty sandals

Peggy Goes on Hols 005

Her favourite suitcase with labels from her travels

Peggy Goes on Hols 007

Irish Tweed handbag


4 thoughts on “Send Us A Postcard Peggy!

  1. Andrea Howarth says:

    Your Descriptions are fab, i was on my luch brake….and admiring all your lovely P
    olly creations, and got a little carried away !!! lol xx

  2. Andrea Howarth says:

    Loving the “Holiday Peggy”
    She cuts a overtly feminine figure in her liberty skirt (right on trend) topped by the glamorous tweed jumper (for those cool tropical Nights)
    I love her big teased hair & red lipstick, and those cool red shades finish the glamour look.
    Right on trend for Spring/Summer 2013
    The new Iconic Glamour Figure “Peggy”
    (Must get some work done now 😉 xxx
    I was so in the zone
    ……I forgot to mention those fab accessories!!!
    A xxxx

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