Delilahs Day Shopping

Delilah Goes Shopping 006

Walking home from the shops

Delilah Goes Shopping 021

Thinking, thinking about her next knitting project!

Delilah is on her way home from a rather successful trip to the sewing shop. With new projects in mind, Delilah has a new knitting book, three balls of wool(Tweed) of course! Also a pair of shiny new knitting needles.

To combat the never-ending cold days , Delilah is wearing her purple-flecked Donegal Tweed coat with purple buttons and a floral lining.

Underneath her coat Delilah  is wearing a sky blue Tweed wool wrapped top and navy blue wool wrapped trousers   and to finish the outfit off  a pair of wool wrapped Angora/mohair boots.

The perfect outfit  for a trip to the sewing shop to spend hours staring at wool!

Packing 014

Delilah waiting to go to her new home

Delilah Goes Shopping 014

New knitting needles

Delilah Goes Shopping 010

Showing her hair all tied up with a hair grip

Delilah Goes Shopping 008

Showing off her floral coat lining


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