Poetic Pauline And Her Daffodil

At last I can show you Pauline!  Pauline has been waiting  to be released onto the blog since the beginning of April.   Pauline was commissioned by a lady,  as a gift for her friend, and now the gift has been given, well, I can now release Pauline. Phewww!  The brief for Pauline was that she needed to look like  the Polly ‘Gertrude The Gardener’, but have a purple jumper, definitely a Daffodil and have some sort of link to poetry.


Pauline who loves Daffodils and Poetry


Pauline with her book of poems


Inside Pauline’s book


Daffodils by William Wordsworth


Pauline is dressed in her super warm and thick, hand knitted purple Tweed jumper, she has blue wool wrapped trousers, green wellies and a chunky woollen red hat. She is holding her finest, bright yellow Daffodil in a felt pot and for her link to poetry, she has her little book of Poems. Of course a book of Poems has to have a poem in it, so what better than ‘Daffodils’ by William Wordsworth.


Laying in her box, waiting for a few more layers of tissue paper.


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