Andrea And Her Sister Julie

This is Andrea from the fabulous needle felting company Mutts & Wool.


Andrea makes the most amazing handcrafted, needle- felted dogs. So when it came to making her Polly,  she definitely had to be needle-felting as well.

For her outfit, Andrea decided her Polly should be wearing a little, floral summer dress with a Tweed hand knitted cardigan. Knowing how much Andrea likes her garden I added a small hand- embroidered flower brooch and finished off the outfit with a  little pair of red felt shoes.




When Andrea Polly was finished, I then started making a Polly for her sister Julie.

After a discussion with Andrea, we decided Julie should be wearing a Liberty fabric blouse with a Mohair/Angora mix jumper over the top. Julie was then given wool- wrapped, blue trousers and a pair of black boots.  Andrea had also mentioned how much Julie loves reading a good book,  is very house proud and likes to carry a bag with a charm on it. With these things in mind, I gave Julie Polly a paperback book to read, a pink, long handled duster and a smart Tweed handbag with a bright blue cord lining and a sweet cherry pin badge.  Finally to finish, Julie had to have masses of curly brown hair and a pair of glasses.




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