Emily And Her Sunflower

Emily is having a proud Sunflower moment! She loves her home grown Sunflower, so in her pocket she carries packets of seeds and her plant labels, ready for the next batch of  Sunflowers to be sown.


 Being  a gardener, Emily is wearing a pair of hard-wearing, denim dungarees with a Tweed wool jumper underneath. To stop her mass of Tweed hair getting caught in the roses (speaking from experience !) Emily has it tied back with a blue velvet ribbon and to finish off, she wears a pair of green wool wrapped boots.


Emily’s Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) shines with two shades of yellow wool felt petals,  the seed head centre protrudes out  from the rest of the flower and is made from  Irish Tweed fabric and brown tapestry wool.

  Emily likes to stand  and hold her Sunflower but is also quite happy to sit on a flower-pot and show it off as well!


DSCN4605Emily like all of my Pollies is made from wire and papier-mache.    Emily  and her Sunflower are both 34 cm high .  From the 1st June, Emily will be showing off her Sunflower  in Chichester, West Sussex at the hidden gem of all things crafted and handmade – Pretty Scruffy http://www.prettyscruffy.com/  .




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