When I was Going To The Fair, I Met A Girl With Bright Red Hair……..

This is Ruby and she loves going to the summer fair. In her opinion, you are never too old for the fun of the fair and  you certainly cant go without buying a huge pink balloon with ears!!   Ruby’s  other great loves is candy-floss, so having a badge to tell everyone about this, is just perfect!DSCN4981,

Ruby’s summer fair outfit is cheerfully floral and warm. On her legs are raspberry coloured leggings and a pretty summer skirt. Ruby’s warm twin- set consists of a wool wrapped top in aubergine Tweed wool and a matching knitted short-sleeved jumper.

Ruby height is 32cm from her painted purple shoes to the tip of her vibrant red Tweed wool hair.DSCN4950DSCN4939

Ruby has taken her balloon and favourite candy floss badge and gone down to Pretty Scruffy http://www.prettyscruffy.com/  in Chichester West Sussex, where she awaits a new home.DSCN4946



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