Susie Sketcher

If my lovely mum gets time she will get her art things out and draw a picture. So Susie Sketcher is for her. Susie Sketcher takes time out to draw a still life picture of flowers and an apple. Susie is full of character with thick brown and red Aran wool hair and bright pink glasses.DSCN5223

DSCN5210On her lap she has her sketch pad (with work in progress) and her set of artist pencils. To make sure her pencils are kept safe, she keeps them inside a fabric roll holder.DSCN5197

DSCN5213Susie’s wears navy wool wrapped trousers, a grey t-shirt and a soft and stylish mohair cardigan. To finish off her outfit she wears a stylish brooch and purple shoes. As with all my ‘Pollies’ Susie is a one off , no two Pollies are the same. She  is 31 cm in length from the tip of her purple shoe to the back of her grey warm cardigan. Susie now happily  lives and draws on my mum’s mantle piece.DSCN5234


2 thoughts on “Susie Sketcher

    • jamjarbizarre says:

      Thank you Andrea, mum is pleased with her, especially the little pencil wrap. When mum started art classes I made her a full size wrap for her paint brushes x

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