The Smaller Polly


Jamie and her huge biscuit


Jamie with her biscuit jar

To launch the new smaller sized Polly, let me introduce you to Jamie Dodger, that’s Jamie not Jammie!

  Jamie sits at 23cm high (9 inches) compared to usual larger Polly that sits at 28cm-33cm , ( 11 to 13 inches) She is still made from wire and papier -mache and has the signature skinny limbs and lots of wool.

I just need to make a name up now for the smaller Pollies,   Petit Polly, Mini Pins,   mmmm….


Size comparison this is 32cm Fisher Sam and 23cm Jamie

Jamie felt the need for a bit of comfort eating, so turned to her favourite super- sized jammie biscuits.  Jamie is wearing green Rowan wool wrapped trousers and a yellow and white top . To finish her outfit off she has a purple hoodie and a blue and yellow beaded hairslide Jamie is going into my Folksy shop , where is can cheer herself up eating biscuits to her heart’s content!


Sitting on the shelf!



One thought on “The Smaller Polly

  1. Andrea Howarth says:

    Loving your new size pollie
    Jamie… is so cool, and like me enjoys a Jammie Dodger r two or three!!! 😉 I love her little hair slide and funky yellow top, and those purple shoes are to die for!
    Everyone needs a Jamie in there life x

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