Victoria’s Sponge


Victoria and her strawberry sponge

Victoria has had a good day baking!  Maybe she has used a little too much baking powder in her strawberry sponge cake,  but she is very proud of it!

Victoria’s show stopping cake, is made from felt and is 6cm in height. The strawberries are wet felted using Merino wool with seeds and leaves hand sewn for detailing. Victoria is looking very pretty in a vintage style fabric dress . The cotton fabric  I have used, is a particular favourite of mine, called ‘Petals’.  It is from the V&A  shop 


Victoria showing off her apron and cake tray


Tea party shoes

 in London.  It is an early 19th century design taken from a patchwork coverlet .  Victoria’s apron and cake tray are made from an old linen napkin and tray mat purchased from Phoebe’s at a local village vintage fair

Finished off with a pair of pretty, painted blue shoes and her hair tied up with a pearl button hairslide, Victoria is ready to face her tea party guests.

Victoria, when standing is 33cm high from her blue painted shoes to the top of her black tweed hair, she can also be gently put into a sitting position, if space is limited.

  I  will soon be saying ‘Farewell’ to Victoria as she goes off to her new home.


Side angle showing Victoria’s hair-do and cake


Looking pretty


Standing with her cake


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