The Paisley Pedlar


Paisley Pedlar

This is  the very talented Gill who writes the brilliantly funny, informative and creative blog – Paisley Pedlar

and Facebook page –

I first met my friend Gill  a year ago on a screen printing course. On the first morning , from her portfolio folder, she produced the most amazing pencil portrait drawings  and I quickly shoved my basic ‘peas in a pod’ picture back in my bag!

Lots of cups of tea and cake later and great trips to exhibitions, sewing shows and fabric shops, its time to wish Gill

  Happy Birthday!


Red glasses and brooch

So here’s her ‘special day’ Polly, named after her blog.  I know Gill loves her camera, always wears a brooch and loves writing her blog.  Hope you like her Gill!


With her favourite red camera and book


Brooches for different days


Gill with her Paisley Pedlar notepad


A profile shot


2 thoughts on “The Paisley Pedlar

    • jamjarbizarre says:

      Glad you love her Gill, I wanted her to be screen printing, but that was so difficult. So I thought brooches and blog book! I will make a brooch for everyday of the week, I have a fab London underground button, it will make a great one xx

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