The Happy Couple


The Happy Couple

I started making a wedding couple two months ago, then a  commission was ordered and work on the wedding couple stopped for a while. Recently I was contacted and asked when the bride and groom were going to be finished, so I set to work on them again.

Raise your glasses, I have finally finished ‘The Happy Couple’!


In love

I have so enjoyed making ‘The Happy Couple’ and experimenting with their clothes. I wanted them both to have  traditional wedding day outfits but still manage to retain their wooly Polly look. For the groom this was easier to achieve than the bride, he is wearing a woollen jacket with a silk lining, a Tweed waistcoat and linen shirt. His trousers are wool wrapped using black Tweed and finally his outfit is finished off with painted shoes and a big smack of lipstick on his cheek!


The groom looking dapper


Button and lace bouquet


Going on their honeymoon

 Continuing the wool theme, the bride has woollen under garments (not very romantic but the nights are getting chillier!) Her dress is silk decorated with lace flowers  and then embroidered with iridescent beads. Over the top of her dress, she is wearing a little Angora shrug and a little pearl necklace. Finally, of course, all brides must have a buttons, ribbon and sparkles bouquet.

 Both Pollies of The Happy Couple measure 22cm each in height.

This wedding couple will be on honeymoon in my Polly Pincushion Folksy shop.

Wedding couples can be ordered to look like you for your special day.just married


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