Hiking Heidi

2014-02-04 10.00.08

On the hills

2014-02-09 12.27.44

Preparing for her trip

Who said women can’t read maps?! ( I just can’t fold them back up)  Hiking Heidi wouldn’t be without them for  a day out walking in  the countryside. Set for a day of hiking, Heidi is wearing wool wrapped Tweed trousers and a Mohair top, as an extra layer she has a padded body warmer and a hand knitted scarf.

2014-02-09 12.28.41

With her rucksack on her back


Like all sensible hikers Heidi has a good pair of walking boots, a rucksack for supplies and of course a fold away map.

2014-02-04 10.01.14

Taking a rest

Heidi like all my Pollies is a wire and papier mache sculpture. Heidi sits at 31cm from the sole of her boots to the top of her hat’s pom-pom.  Heidi will shortly be walking her way into my Folksy shop.


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