Lilly And Luggs


Lilly and her dog Luggs are out enjoying the country air,  Lilly is looking a little pensive, but she’s just planning her day ahead.

2014-03-24 07.50.11

Deep thinking about the day ahead

For her dog walking she is looking very stylish in her purple skirt, wool leggings and felt ‘do anything-go anywhere’ boots, Luggs has also made an effort with his Tweed collar and heart tag.

2014-03-24 08.41.56

Relaxed, sitting with Luggs

2014-03-24 07.56.07

Adding a pop of colour with her watch

To make sure she’s on time and to add a pop of colour to her outfit, Lilly is wearing her favourite handmade orange watch.


Luggs is a black Labrador with a slight curl to his coat, he has lovely large felt ears and of course his Tweed collar.

2014-03-24 07.48.22

Lillys lambswool jumper and Tweed scarf

2014-03-24 07.57.52

Glasses on and thinking  about work again!

Lilly stands at 32cm tall and Luggs stand at 8cm tall. Both are wire and papier-mache sculptures.


Lilly and Luggs are off to The Bottom Stable for their grand spring re-opening on Friday 11th April.the bottom stable reopenning



2 thoughts on “Lilly And Luggs

  1. jamjarbizarre says:

    No tea and cake I’m afraid, but there’s a lovely pub next door! It’s a tiny shop but lots of lovely things. We really need to meet up one Saturday morning, things are hectic my end. I’ll email you, hope your well gill x

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