Tomascina and Her Three Tiered Topiary


Admiring her topiary tree


Out in the garden

I have always loved topiary, and currently, I have growing in topiary frames, two chickens, one duck and a rabbit! Of course these were my inspiration for Tomascina and her three-tiered topiary. I really enjoyed making the tree by wet felting the three balls and needle felting a little bird for the top. I can see myself making the tree again as a table decoration.

All my Pollies have wire bodies, I never use any particular measurements to make their body shape and limb length. By doing it this way each Polly comes out differently, something I really like that I feel adds character. In Tomascinas case, she has very long limbs, so I decided to make the most of her figure by wool wrapping her body and only adding her well-worn gardening hat and felt shoes and a tiny but pretty apron.

The tree was originally going to be one large ball with a bird on top. I needle felted the little bird first, then after wet felting a ball which came out too small, I tried another and finally a third.  In the end I decided to use all three, which Im pleased about as Tomascina can now look up and admired her little bird!image

Tomascina height whilst kneeling is 21cm high and her topiary tree is 18cm high.


Back of her floral lined hat


Showing off her apron and well worn hat


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