A Little Catch Up – Nurse Gabby

You may have notice my lack of posting recently, lots of things have been happening in my private life and the blog has gone a tad by the way side. I have made a few Pollies since the last post and unless you have been following on the Polly Facebook page you won’t have seen them. So in the following week I hope to post five of them. Today I’m starting with Nurse Gabby.


Gabby and her head of glorious curls!

Nurse Gabby was a commission  as a thank you present for a district nurse. Her Dress had to be regulation blue and she had to wear her trademark pink fob watch. Gabby hair was a wonderful mix of curly mohair and two different types of alpaca wool. She had to wear thick black tights and sensible black shoes which were made from felt.

Gabby when standing is 32cm high.

The little pink watch

The little pink watch

Nurse Gabby On her first aid tin

Nurse Gabby On her first aid tin


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