Thin Lizzie Rocks!


Its all about the music for Lizzie

Thin LizzyI have to admit Thin Lizzie was going to be a gardener, but as the making process progressed she had a career change and became a guitar playing rockstar! Lizzie loves strumming her guitar which is made off wool felt with a little Liberty print bias binding as a guitar strap. Being made of wire Lizzie is flexible at the knees and elbows which means she can practise the guitar in any rock star guitar playing position!

Lizzie is a tall girl at 33cm high when standing, her guitar is 7cm long. Lizzie is wearing combination of Rowan tweed wool wrapped leggings and top, with a hand knitted jacket of felted wool. Lizzie is currently playing away on the dresser in my lounge but hopes to share the music soon in some other lounge.

A different pose

A different pose


And another


And just one more!


Lizie in the spotlight


Geography Jenny

2014-02-25 10.00.26

Geography Jenny

2014-02-25 09.58.33

Just relaxing

Ordered by Carol, Jenny is map reader and lover of countryside walking. Carol owns Hiking Heidi and thought a Geography Jenny would be ideal for her daughter. So here she is ready for her next trip out.

2014-02-25 09.56.53

Rucksack on her back

Like Hiking Heidi, Jenny has her own map and a little felt rack sack to carry it in. Carol asks for Jenny to have the colour blue in her outfit and her hair to be brown with red highlights.

2014-02-25 09.55.25

Map reading

2014-02-25 10.37.48

Heidi and Jenny boxed up and ready to go

For the rest of Jenny’s outfit I made a little black bodywarmer, a pair of green wool hiking boots and to finish I  knitted a Tweed hat and scarf. Jenny has now hiked her way off to her new home.

Hiking Heidi

2014-02-04 10.00.08

On the hills

2014-02-09 12.27.44

Preparing for her trip

Who said women can’t read maps?! ( I just can’t fold them back up)  Hiking Heidi wouldn’t be without them for  a day out walking in  the countryside. Set for a day of hiking, Heidi is wearing wool wrapped Tweed trousers and a Mohair top, as an extra layer she has a padded body warmer and a hand knitted scarf.

2014-02-09 12.28.41

With her rucksack on her back


Like all sensible hikers Heidi has a good pair of walking boots, a rucksack for supplies and of course a fold away map.

2014-02-04 10.01.14

Taking a rest

Heidi like all my Pollies is a wire and papier mache sculpture. Heidi sits at 31cm from the sole of her boots to the top of her hat’s pom-pom.  Heidi will shortly be walking her way into my Folksy shop.

When I was Going To The Fair, I Met A Girl With Bright Red Hair……..

This is Ruby and she loves going to the summer fair. In her opinion, you are never too old for the fun of the fair and  you certainly cant go without buying a huge pink balloon with ears!!   Ruby’s  other great loves is candy-floss, so having a badge to tell everyone about this, is just perfect!DSCN4981,

Ruby’s summer fair outfit is cheerfully floral and warm. On her legs are raspberry coloured leggings and a pretty summer skirt. Ruby’s warm twin- set consists of a wool wrapped top in aubergine Tweed wool and a matching knitted short-sleeved jumper.

Ruby height is 32cm from her painted purple shoes to the tip of her vibrant red Tweed wool hair.DSCN4950DSCN4939

Ruby has taken her balloon and favourite candy floss badge and gone down to Pretty Scruffy  in Chichester West Sussex, where she awaits a new home.DSCN4946


Send Us A Postcard Peggy!

Peggy Goes on Hols 011

Feeling rather pale and un-interesting Peggy decided to go on holiday!

Peggy has had enough of being pale and un-interesting and has decided to go on holiday.  Peggy finds the best way to get into the holiday  mood is to wear her red, big rimmed sunglasses, floral Liberty skirt and her  best pink and green sandals.

Just incase the weather turns cold she is wearing a short-sleeved Tweed jumper.

Peggy s  luggage is her favourite green, fabric suitcase with sewn on luggage labels from her many travels. In her other hand she  carries a red Irish Tweed handbag.

Peggy as with all my Pollies, is made from wire and papier-mache, Peggy stands at 34cm tall from her pink  hair band to the bottom of her felt shoes.

Peggy is a commission Polly and will soon be flying off to her new home.

Peggy Goes on Hols 004

Ample protection from the sun

Peggy Goes on Hols 006

Pretty sandals

Peggy Goes on Hols 005

Her favourite suitcase with labels from her travels

Peggy Goes on Hols 007

Irish Tweed handbag