The Lovely ‘Cia’ with Bert and Ernie

At last I can show you the lovely ‘Cia’ , commissioned by Cia’s mother Jeanette as a present for Christmas. As soon as Jeanette sent me a photo of Cia , I knew she would make a great Polly, I loved her vintage style using bright floral patterns, a denim or knitted jacket, boots, a fabulous floppy rimmed, purple felt hat and a must have knitted flower on her jacket.

A beautiful picture of Cia showing a purple felt hat


Cia with her two cats, Bert and Ernie

I wanted to find a piece of fabric for Cias dress that was bright, fun and floral and as though itwas meant  to be, I found this wonderful fat quarter in a local fabric shop, it was the only piece and it was perfect. With the amount of different colours within the fabric it meant that Jeanette could choose from a large range of wool colours for the rest of the outfit.

For Cia long brown wavy hair, I managed to pull apart single strands of wool, for each strand out came three finer wavy strands, this worked perfectly to achieve the texture of  her hair. To complete her outfit Cia had a smart pair of leather boots and my biggest challenge, a floppy rimmed hat.

All Pollies come with accessories or pets of choice, in this case Cia had her two loveable cats, Bert and Ernie, like Cia they were also made from wire, but oversewn with wool until the body shape forms. Finally to finish a book of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

I always appreciate feedback after a Polly has arrived or has been received as a gift and I would like to thank Jeanette for a really kind words and for letting me know how much Cia loved her mini me.

showing Cia s hair and purple felt hat


Having her leather boots sewn on



sitting comfortably with Bert and Ernie


In her new home



Mrytle Reads Shakepeare


Myrtle Loves Shakespeare


sitting comfortably


Myrtle book reader is studying Shakespeare and is currently reading Romeo and Juliet. Myrtle’s looking very cosy and stylish in her Tweed wool wrapped leggings and soft woollen jumper. On her feet are a pair of velvet two-tone shoes and to complement her jumper she has a pair of matching reading glasses.

When standing Myrtle measures 30cm in height.


a Velvet book marker so she doesnt lose her page

Myrtle has gone to Shakespeare’s birth place Stratford-Upon- Avon and resides at the recently opened gift,craft and events cafe Act Five.



Rose and Betty Book Readers

Betty the Owl lover, dressed in Irish Tweed with her huge book

Rose and Betty

Rose who loves Foxes and trees

Rose and Betty

Rose and Betty love books, especially about trees and animals. Betty loves Owls and Rose loves Foxes. Both of their dresses are made from Irish Tweed and the rest of their winter warm outfits are made from Rowan and Debbie Bliss Tweed.  Betty is 16cm high and sits legs stretched out at 21cm. Rose is also 16cm high and her  leg length is 16cm. Both are one of a kind and are made with wire, papier mache and lots of Tweed. Everything is sewn, even the pages in their books!

Rose is heading for the Cranleigh Arts Centre for the Christmas ‘Gifted’

Betty is a gift for my sister who I shall miss terribly when she moves to America next year.

If you like Rose or Betty or any of my Pollies or would like one made to your specification please contact me through this blog or my Polly Pincushion Facebook page. A limited few can be found in my Folksy shop. ( see link above)

Florence The Book Reader

Bright and colourful Florence,with long Tweedy legs,red shoes, golden-yellow top and a pretty floral top

Hurry up, I’m reading!

I am very late in listing Florence, she has been proudly sitting on my Facebook header for the last couple of weeks but I failed to put her on my blog, so here is ‘Florence The Book Reader’.  Florence is quite a tall Polly and quite serious looking, but then she is reading and probably doesn’t want to be disturbed. Like all my Pollies, she is very Tweedy including her hair,which is mad and unruly and needs a good comb!

She is now sitting and reading on a shelf at ‘Pretty Scruffy’

The Three Sister Book Readers, Harriot, Agnes and Mabel

Harriot thinking!

Constantly reading, that’s Harriot, Agnes and Mabel, Agnes as you may know I made a while ago and is one of my true favourites! I was contacted by a Polly fan and ask if I would sell Agnes and make two other Polly Book readers,  this is how the sisters came about. I have since sent them off to their new owner, who has kindly sent me photos of them in their new home. As a record I like to list each Polly on my blog, so I never duplicate names and outfits, so here is Harriot, Agnes and Mabel.

Sitting outside their boxes ready to go

Wrapped and ready