Tomascina and Her Three Tiered Topiary


Admiring her topiary tree


Out in the garden

I have always loved topiary, and currently, I have growing in topiary frames, two chickens, one duck and a rabbit! Of course these were my inspiration for Tomascina and her three-tiered topiary. I really enjoyed making the tree by wet felting the three balls and needle felting a little bird for the top. I can see myself making the tree again as a table decoration.

All my Pollies have wire bodies, I never use any particular measurements to make their body shape and limb length. By doing it this way each Polly comes out differently, something I really like that I feel adds character. In Tomascinas case, she has very long limbs, so I decided to make the most of her figure by wool wrapping her body and only adding her well-worn gardening hat and felt shoes and a tiny but pretty apron.

The tree was originally going to be one large ball with a bird on top. I needle felted the little bird first, then after wet felting a ball which came out too small, I tried another and finally a third.  In the end I decided to use all three, which Im pleased about as Tomascina can now look up and admired her little bird!image

Tomascina height whilst kneeling is 21cm high and her topiary tree is 18cm high.


Back of her floral lined hat


Showing off her apron and well worn hat


Sophie’s Snowdrops

2014-01-19 11.03.00

Sophie and her prized Snowdrops

2014-01-19 11.02.48

Gardener Sophie keeping warm in her thick jumper and boots

 Earlier this week I was delighted to see the Snowdrops (Galanthus Nivalis) were up and out in the garden, a cheery sign on even the darkest of grey winters day. Of course with my mind working on Polly overdrive, I put the two together and here we have Sophie and her Snowdrops.

2014-01-19 11.04.28

Patches on her elbows and a pom-pom on her hat


A side view

2014-01-19 11.05.59

Woolly and warm

Sophie loves her garden, especially Snowdrops. To keep her warm on the cold, winter days, she is wearing a super thick, felted wool jumper matched with a tweed wool-wrapped top and trousers. Of course no gardener would go out with their green felt wellies and a knitted pom-pom hat to keep their ears warm!

Her Snowdrops are made of felt and are planted in felted wool pot.

Sophie sits at 28cm high from her green wellie to her hat’s pom – pom. Her little pot of Snowdrops are 7cm tall.

As with all my Pollies, they like to be comfortable, so can be gently bent at the knees and elbows.

Sophie is for sale and will shortly go into my Folksy shop


Winters delight

Emily And Her Sunflower

Emily is having a proud Sunflower moment! She loves her home grown Sunflower, so in her pocket she carries packets of seeds and her plant labels, ready for the next batch of  Sunflowers to be sown.


 Being  a gardener, Emily is wearing a pair of hard-wearing, denim dungarees with a Tweed wool jumper underneath. To stop her mass of Tweed hair getting caught in the roses (speaking from experience !) Emily has it tied back with a blue velvet ribbon and to finish off, she wears a pair of green wool wrapped boots.


Emily’s Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) shines with two shades of yellow wool felt petals,  the seed head centre protrudes out  from the rest of the flower and is made from  Irish Tweed fabric and brown tapestry wool.

  Emily likes to stand  and hold her Sunflower but is also quite happy to sit on a flower-pot and show it off as well!


DSCN4605Emily like all of my Pollies is made from wire and papier-mache.    Emily  and her Sunflower are both 34 cm high .  From the 1st June, Emily will be showing off her Sunflower  in Chichester, West Sussex at the hidden gem of all things crafted and handmade – Pretty Scruffy  .



Poetic Pauline And Her Daffodil

At last I can show you Pauline!  Pauline has been waiting  to be released onto the blog since the beginning of April.   Pauline was commissioned by a lady,  as a gift for her friend, and now the gift has been given, well, I can now release Pauline. Phewww!  The brief for Pauline was that she needed to look like  the Polly ‘Gertrude The Gardener’, but have a purple jumper, definitely a Daffodil and have some sort of link to poetry.


Pauline who loves Daffodils and Poetry


Pauline with her book of poems


Inside Pauline’s book


Daffodils by William Wordsworth


Pauline is dressed in her super warm and thick, hand knitted purple Tweed jumper, she has blue wool wrapped trousers, green wellies and a chunky woollen red hat. She is holding her finest, bright yellow Daffodil in a felt pot and for her link to poetry, she has her little book of Poems. Of course a book of Poems has to have a poem in it, so what better than ‘Daffodils’ by William Wordsworth.


Laying in her box, waiting for a few more layers of tissue paper.

Flora, From The ‘Blooming Lovely’ Florist Shop

Flora from Blooming Lovely Florist 004

Flora busy at work

The  ‘Blooming Lovely’ Florist shop is where you will find flower loving Flora. Flora is just adding the last felt flower to her customers bouquet.

To keep Flora warm, she is wearing  Tweed wool-wrapped trousers, boots and a long-sleeved top.  To finish off her outfit she is wearing a pretty  floral tunic and has her long brown Tweed hair tied back with a blue flower.

Flora from Blooming Lovely Florist 031

Flora’s shop apron

The  flowers in Flora’s bouquet are carefully  made from felt, wire and florists tape. Her shop apron is also made of felt, here she keeps her red flower snip scissors and proudly shows  her shop name ‘Blooming Lovely’.

In her sitting position Flora measures 29cm tall from the bottom of her blue boots to the top of her brown wool hair.

Flora has been made as a commission Polly.

Flora from Blooming Lovely Florist 019

A side view of Flora

Flora second photos 018

Can you smell the flowers!