Bessie – The Big Glasses & Crazy Hair Club

Welcome to the three members of ‘The Big Glasses & Crazy Hair Club’

Big glasses and crazy hair is all you need to join!

Let me introduce you to the first member, Bessie…


Big Glasses & Crazy Hair Club


Bessie favours pink glasses


Knitting Bessie

….forgetting that it was book review night, Bessie brought her knitting along. Bessie’s not the brightest but she has the biggest and best head of bubbly hair! Anyway she prefers knitting to book reviewing.


Knitting Bessie

Bessie is a wool wrapped Polly. She wears rose felting wool trousers and a Tweed wool wrapped top. To keep her snug she wears a chunky knit scarf  and to complete her look she has club compulsory large glasses in her favourite shade of fuchsia pink.


The Members

Bessie is 25cm tall when standing and 14cm tall when sitting.

The club will be having their next meeting in my Folksy shop!


Knitting Maggie

Maggie’s Knitting

My favourite vintage swirly red button in her hair, Maggie pictured without her blanket

Click, click, click of the needles, its’ Knitting Maggie’.  After I made Knitting Vicky, I was asked to make another knitting Polly, so with every effort to make one that didn’t look similar to Vicky we now have Maggie! With black Tweed hair and my first Polly with a fringe (sort of fringe!) Maggie works on the last square of her Tweed blanket. She has one of my favourite vintage buttons in her hair and a little Liberty top. Maggie sits at 25cm s tall from her purple shoe to the top of her head.

Why Is ‘Knitting Vicky’ Knitting?

Vicky is quite green including her tweedy green hair!

Today  I went to Pretty Scruffy In Chichester to show the very lovely people there my Pollies. I aimed to take three of four, so in a mad effort I have spent every spare hour getting some of my latest collection of Pollies finished. In the end I decided to take Natalia the Ballerina, Tilly and Scruffy, Sam and the new Knitting Vicky. Vicky is busy knitting because she is expecting. When I finished  her body outline with wire and papier-mache  I loved her bump profile, but I have decided to cover her bump with a little Liberty smock and give her some knitting to do!

Knitting Vicky