Julia with Oscar and Toby


Julia is a lovely lady I met on Instagram, she wears wonderful funky and vintage styled clothes . I couldn’t wait to start on her Polly.

Julia came up with two different outfits and after putting the wool and fabric combinations together she decided to go for the coat and wellie outfit. Julia’s skirt is made using one of my favourite fabric from the V & A in London, on her top half she has a little grey cardi with a large vintage button, layered on top of this is a tweed waist and then her big cosy green coat.

In her little navy blue satchel she has a set of miniature pencils and a drawing pad to do sketches for her art class. Joining Julia are her two dogs, Oscar and Toby.

Julia is 28cm high, can bend at her knees,arms and waist, so she can sit and bend.

Julia has been put into her presentation book and is on her way to her new home.



The Lovely ‘Cia’ with Bert and Ernie

At last I can show you the lovely ‘Cia’ , commissioned by Cia’s mother Jeanette as a present for Christmas. As soon as Jeanette sent me a photo of Cia , I knew she would make a great Polly, I loved her vintage style using bright floral patterns, a denim or knitted jacket, boots, a fabulous floppy rimmed, purple felt hat and a must have knitted flower on her jacket.

A beautiful picture of Cia showing a purple felt hat


Cia with her two cats, Bert and Ernie

I wanted to find a piece of fabric for Cias dress that was bright, fun and floral and as though itwas meant  to be, I found this wonderful fat quarter in a local fabric shop, it was the only piece and it was perfect. With the amount of different colours within the fabric it meant that Jeanette could choose from a large range of wool colours for the rest of the outfit.

For Cia long brown wavy hair, I managed to pull apart single strands of wool, for each strand out came three finer wavy strands, this worked perfectly to achieve the texture of  her hair. To complete her outfit Cia had a smart pair of leather boots and my biggest challenge, a floppy rimmed hat.

All Pollies come with accessories or pets of choice, in this case Cia had her two loveable cats, Bert and Ernie, like Cia they were also made from wire, but oversewn with wool until the body shape forms. Finally to finish a book of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

I always appreciate feedback after a Polly has arrived or has been received as a gift and I would like to thank Jeanette for a really kind words and for letting me know how much Cia loved her mini me.

showing Cia s hair and purple felt hat


Having her leather boots sewn on



sitting comfortably with Bert and Ernie


In her new home


Down On The Farm

Here’s a new girl and she’s been looking after a baby lambkin down on the farm.

Katie’s a slightly smaller Polly, measuring 28cm high. As with all Pollies she has a wire frame allowing her to bend at the knees and elbows and finished off with papier mache head, neck, hands and feet.

She is wearing denim dungarees, a pretty Liberty blouse, with chunky knit cardi and scarf and all finished off with bright red wellies.



Off to the farm


Making her outfit



Showing that Katie is able to bend at the knees and elbows


Making the lamb, using wire and two types of wool

Henson and Benson

Henson and her dog Benson were a gift for a mother, they were commissioned earlier on this year and now at last they have finally made it onto the blog.

Benson enjoying the ball of wool

Over her wool wrapped under clothes, Henson is wearing a Mohair jumper with a little cotton brooch. Her skirt is charcoal grey wool with a little button at the back and on her feet she is wearing felt boots. For her hair , I found using three types of wool added the softness but volume that was required.

Benson is made of wire and papier mâché, his body was over stitched until the right shape was reached, I then added further colour and other types of wool to create texture. Then gave him his ball of wool to play with.

Henson is 30cm when standing but is happily in her new home.

knitting a two tone scarf

Sail Away Again

I’m sorry to post this again but it seems to have disappeared from the blog, so here she sails again.

I have been experimenting with making papier mâché boats with Pollies in, the options are endless, sail colours, different bunting and boat shapes. The boat could be named as a gift and maybe along with the Polly an animal,  Owl and a Pussycat went to sea…. 

Here’s the prototype 

Birdy sails away




The boat can have any name, the sail any number