Lilly And Luggs


Lilly and her dog Luggs are out enjoying the country air,  Lilly is looking a little pensive, but she’s just planning her day ahead.

2014-03-24 07.50.11

Deep thinking about the day ahead

For her dog walking she is looking very stylish in her purple skirt, wool leggings and felt ‘do anything-go anywhere’ boots, Luggs has also made an effort with his Tweed collar and heart tag.

2014-03-24 08.41.56

Relaxed, sitting with Luggs

2014-03-24 07.56.07

Adding a pop of colour with her watch

To make sure she’s on time and to add a pop of colour to her outfit, Lilly is wearing her favourite handmade orange watch.


Luggs is a black Labrador with a slight curl to his coat, he has lovely large felt ears and of course his Tweed collar.

2014-03-24 07.48.22

Lillys lambswool jumper and Tweed scarf

2014-03-24 07.57.52

Glasses on and thinking  about work again!

Lilly stands at 32cm tall and Luggs stand at 8cm tall. Both are wire and papier-mache sculptures.


Lilly and Luggs are off to The Bottom Stable for their grand spring re-opening on Friday 11th April.the bottom stable reopenning



Maria And Mr Muffin


Ready to go


Having a little pre shopping rest

Retail therapy and a good stroll in the park are on the day’s agenda for Maria and her dog Mr Muffin. Dressed in thick woolly leggings, woolly boots and a Merino wool roll neck jumper, Maria is ready for a chilly autumnal day. Of course no outfit is right without a few accessories, so Maria is wearing her best felted rose brooch and her favourite bespoke handbag!


Maria loves Mr Muffin




At home sitting on the mantle


A close up of Maria s rose and handbag

Mr Muffin or ‘M’ for short , like Maria is made from wire and papier-mache he has a curly black coat, a dapper red dotty collar and a black lead.

Maria stands at 30cm from her woolly boots to the top of her hair do and Mr Muffin is 6cm tall.

Pollies can be made to look like you and your dog, please contact me for details

Toby The Up-Dated Aire -Doodle Dog

New fluffy face and shiny nose

You may  remember my earlier pictures of Aire -Doodle Dog (cross Airedale/Poodle , in my bizarre imagination!) Well I was never quite happy with his painted face so  last night I finally got around to  ‘wooling him up’ completely and now he has a very sweet fluffy face, shiny nose and a smart new dotty collar.  He needed to look his best to go to Pretty Scruffy today.  So here he is Toby Aire-Doodle Dog:

Toby s scarf

New dotty collar and heart button

Tilly and Scruffy The Dog

Tilly and Scruffy

Scruffy is a loveable bit of this and a bit of that dog!

This is Tilly and her beloved Scruffy. Scruffy is made in the same way as Tilly, with wire and papier-mache. Scruffy has a collar that matches Tilly’s skirt and Tilly herself is trying to embracing the lack of summer, with lime green leggings and a fluffy mohair top with a necklace. Tilly brought Scruffy from the R.S.P.C.A from a very nice lady called Sue!

Tilly loves Srcuffy!