Purchasing A Polly

If after looking  at my blog,  you would love to have a Polly in your life then please contact  me through the contact form attachment on this blog or through my Facebook page.  Pollies can be designed to your specification or if there is a character from the blog you like,

Polly Packaging

Polly Packaging

Packing 007

Extra tissue layer and message

then I can make a similar one. Each Polly is a one-off so no body will have one like yours.

Each Polly will be packaged, wrapped in Liberty print tissue paper or another pattern to suit your Polly, with a hand stamped tag. A small message can also be added. Your Polly will then be carefully packaged in her box. This will then be wrapped in brown paper, tied with red and white string or ribbon and a tag. To secure the parcel from getting wet , it will arrive inside a parcel bag and sent as recorded post.

If you have any questions please do contact me on the contact form above or via the Polly Pincushion Facebook page link on the  page.         Many Thanks Kate


Wrapped in brown paper and string


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