About Polly Pincushion

Lazy Daisy

Welcome to the home page of Polly Pincushion.

The story behind my ‘Pollies’.

It all started in May 2012,  having spent the previous year experimenting and creating, throwing away  frustrating, not quite right wire framed bodies, along came  my first successful ‘Polly’.    The name Polly Pincushion came about because my first few dolls were pincushion holders, the name then stuck and my dolls became fondly known as Pollies.  My Pollies usually sit or stand at around 18-35cm high and  are created by using wire and paper- mache.   When they are ready to be dressed, I use my favourite wools, usually Tweed and a selection of different materials to create a combination of ‘wool-wrapped’ and fabric outfits and accessories. Pollies can be made to look like someone or made in colours to your specification.

All my ‘Pollies’ are one-off creations and are not suitable for children.

Please do contact me through this blog or my regularly updated Facebook page and Instagram page @katieinthegarden

Packing 010

Ready to go…..


Thankyou for stopping by at my blog



8 thoughts on “About Polly Pincushion

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  2. Lorraine Joyce says:

    These are so beautiful! you are very talented. Is there a Polly Pincushion – Ballerina in the making? 🙂 Lorraine

    • jamjarbizarre says:

      Hi Lorraine, Thankyou so much for your kind comments, yes there can be, i am making some new ones from tomorrow, she will have to be sitting i think, i will give one a go and keep you posted. Katie

  3. viv says:

    Hello, thank you for stopping by over at my place! Oh how I love your name, right up my street. Adorable characters too. Thank you for your kind offer, I can’t say no. x

    • jamjarbizarre says:

      Thankyou, im so glad you like them,im trying to build up my range at the moment, they take quite a while but i want them to be the best they can be.
      I have about 20 reels i was kindly given them, i love them but really dont know what to do with them and looking at the beautiful things you make im sure you can make use of them, shall i send you a photograph x

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